come together, right now...over glass

The Vitreonics Studio Partner Program combines the “learn-at-your-own-pace” style of video kiln glass education with an all new in-person component. Students now have the option of connecting with participating studios (YOU), joining groups of fellow learners, and working together to create their artwork using Tim Carey’s exciting painterly methods.

join the Vitreonics Studio network and grow your clientele by making your studio visible to potential students and customers around the world.

receive all the benefits of a visiting artist workshop without the cost and hassle of having to host the instructor.

earn commission on sales of classes, zoom meetings, and materials through the Vitreonics Affiliate program, and collect fees in exchange for student use of your space and kilns.

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"As a filmmaker, I am drawn to compelling stories, unique characters, raw emotions, conflict and drama. Capturing the kiln-forming process never fails to provide all of these elements. “Embrace the chaos” is a phrase that repeatedly comes up as I’m watching through the camera lens. And of course, Tim Carey is constantly there, making sure we’re all entertained along the way."

Justin Monroe
Co-Owner and Content Director, Vitreonics